How to change post title background color with template designer

"And how can I give my post title a colour background?"

The first thing I thought of trying is to go to LAYOUT > FONTS AND COLORS as described in my previous post Changing fonts and colors for New Blogger (xml).

However, Blogger for better or for worse is constantly evolving and the LAYOUT tab is no more, replaced by a DESIGN tab and apparently have moved the template designer from Blogger in Draft to standard Blogger.

I believe that it is still possible to edit the template direct to add CSS (Cascading Style Sheet to control the post title background but found that Blogger Template Designer has provided a "Advanced" option to do that via the template designer with INSTANT PREVIEW. And apparently some of the functions of the new Blogger Template Designer can be used even if the template you are using for your blog has not been designed with Blogger Template Designer

Add Facebook Recommendations Bar To Blogger

Facebook Recommendations barFinally the plugin I had been waiting for since 22nd September 2011. In order to engage readers more and let your visitors spend more time on your website Facebook has finally launched the "Recommendations Bar" in beta version. It's designed to display additional recommended articles right after readers have finished reading an article or spent some time on your blog. It will collapse on page load and expand once a reader has reached a specific location on your blog or finished reading the post. Only those articles are displayed that are previously liked or shared on Facebook. The number of likes are displayed under each article along with page title and a thumbnail. It also contains a like button and previously contained anAdd to Timeline button that has been removed now. Unlike Facebook Recommendations boxwhich offered related stories but with lack of user friendly interface and engagement, Facebook bar will force readers to stay longer on your site leading to increased pageviews, page impressions and thus traffic. It's a smart alternative to Recommended Post Slideswidgets that we previously published.

See the demo live on our blog towards the bottom-right corner. Don't forget to press the like button to let your friends know that you visited this page :)

Can it increase your traffic?

Oh sure yes without any doubts! We often share widgets but we don't implement every plugin on our blog unless it provides some value to traffic or revenue. As you can see we have added the recommendations bar on all our posts and this will surely put a positive effect on pageviews because now visitors can see what their friends previously liked on your blog and due to a human curiosity they would surely check these extra posts along the way that appears under the Label "You Might Also Like". Google Plus button shows friends recommendations in search results and Facebook Bar will display the likes on your blog. Thus consumer of all such plugins is always in benefit.

Replace Read more text to stylish

In this post we will look at the blogger 'Read More' feature and a trick to edit it's apperance on your blog by using a stylish image instead of the standerd text.The image will be clickable and will lead to the full post as the Read More text used to.If your thinking "Whats he talking about" dont worry i will explane fully and i have a link to the official blogger post on the subject.
I will provide you with 20 differant images to choose from and help you how to add them to your blog.This tip will really help the appearance of your blog.The read more is basically an option to show just the post title and the first few lines of your post on the home page, then viewer has the option to click Read More to see the full post,im sure you have seen it on a lot of blogs.Untill recently if you wanted to add the read more funtion to your blog you had to do a lot of code changes but now blogger have made it easy by having the feature built into all blogs.

More Info.
For more information on what it is and how it works see the offical Blogger Buzz post on the subject.
Using the read more funtion on your blog allows you to have more posts on your home page without slowing down the loading time and helps you blogs Google search rank as your blog is reciving more clicks.
So now you know what it is and how it works, heres how to spice it up with an image and also below the images i will show you how to use both an image and the text.

How to add it to your blog

The read more could be built into your template in a few ways lets find it.

1.Click 'Design' > 'Edit html' for your blog.

(Tick the 'Expand widget templates' box)

2.We will try to find it this way first :

In your blogs html find the following text :

(Click 'CTRL and F' for a search bar to help find the code)
   read more

remove powered by blogger

1. Go to Template and click on customise 
2. Now click on Advanced
3. Scrolling down and click on Add CSS
4. Now paste CSS code
5. #Attribution1 {display: none;}
6. click on Apply to Blog
7. powered by blogger removed from your blogger blog

remove Navbar from Blogger blog

Navbar in Blogger blog has been one of the worst elements of blogging because of many reasons like it doesn't matches up with the blog template, it is not used much, it makes your blog look unprofessional.
But the Blogger navbar can be removed easily by just adding a bit of CSS code.

  1. Goto Template and click on Edit HTML and click proceed
  2. Now look for the following code 
  3. ]]></b:skin>
  4. If found, add the following CSS code just above it
  5. #navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }
  6. Then click on save template
  7. Navbar has been removed from your blogger blog

text scrolling


  • WIDTH: how wide the marquee is
  • HEIGHT: how tall the marquee is
  • DIRECTION: which direction the marquee should scroll
  • BEHAVIOR: what type of scrolling
  • SCROLLDELAY: how long to delay between each jump
  • SCROLLAMOUNT: how far to scroll
  • LOOP: how many times to loop (default=infinite)
  • BGCOLOR: background color
  • HSPACE: horizontal space around the marquee
  • VSPACE: vertical space around the marquee
The Marquee tag creates a scrolling effect and can be tailored to include any HTML content. Like the much hated <blink> tag, the <marquee> tag is often regarded as one of the "evil" tags, so many people shy away from using it. There are some places where it can work well, such as in RSS scrollers, squeezing some products into a page for page monetization as per our tee shirt example (see the sidebar on the right), and for accents on a page.

URL redirection java script

javascript redirect

You're moving to a new domain name. You have a time-delay placeholder on your download site. You have a list of external web servers that are helping to mirror your site. What will help you deal with and/or take advantage of these situations? JavaScript redirects will.

When your webpage is moved, you'd probably want to notify your visitors of the change. One good way is to place a "redirect page" at the old location which, after a timed delay, will forward visitors to the new location of your webpage. You can do just this with a JavaScript redirection.

javascript window.location

Control over what page is loaded into the browser rests in the JavaScript property window.location. By setting window.location equal to a new URL, you will in turn change the current webpage to the one that is specified. If you wanted to redirect all your visitors to when they arrived at your site, you would just need the script below:

HTML & JavaScript Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = ""

Transparent Background for Blogs


The first step is to find or create the picture you wish to put up as the background. You can create a small picture in any graphics program. It should be small ( around 96x96 pixels would do) and 'tileable'. This means that it should repeat itself without any borders across your web page. To source such graphics from the Internet just do a Google search for 'graphic backgrounds'.

After finding the picture save it to your hard disk (make sure of any copyright conditions). Then upload the picture to Photobucket or Googlepages and copy down he link of the picture.

To put it as the background in your blog login at and click on Layout link on Dashboard. Then click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab. The picture has to cover the whole body of the blog so scroll down to this code in the CSS part of the template :

Fighter game

Game Objective: 
Collect missiles, weapons and powerups, targetting enemy tanks, trucks, troops, fighter planes and ground troops

Game Controls: 
 Arrow keys to move |  Space to shoot

Bike racing game

Game Objective:

There are 4 tracks, each with 5 checkpoints. Reach all checkpoints of the tracks in 30 seconds.

 You get bonus points for time saved at each checkpoint. Race to get a high score!
Game Controls: Use Left arrow key to turn left Right arrow key to turn right |
 Up arrow key to Accelerate Down arrow key to Break

saanp sedhi game

  • The winning or losing depends on sheer dumb luck which is why I just love this game
    ! If you are the type who is good at rolling dice and getting the number you want, you will not be wasting that precious talent trying it on Snakes and Ladders! Hehe!
    Snakes and ladders is available almost everywhere – starting from local trains and streets in Mumbai to every toy shop worth its salt. It should cost you anywhere between 15bucks to maybe maximum of Rs.100 which will be one of those 5 in 1 kind of boards.
    It’s difficult to NOT enjoy the game even today (a reflection on my IQ I guess!), but its sheer simplicity makes it so enjoyable just for a few real laughs and fake groans when you go down the snake!
    It is usually a big hit with kids because it’s so easy to learn and can be played with lots of friends as long as you have those different coloured pawns to differentiate between players. If not anything else, they are sure to learn their numbers to 100 and to win and lose in turns.

Play chess Game----

History of Chess

The origins of chess are not exactly clear, though most believe it evolved from earlier chess-like games played in India almost two thousand years ago. The game of chess we know today has been around since the 15th century where
became popular in Europe.

The Goal of Chess

Chess is a game played between two opponents on opposite sides of a board containing 64 squares of alternating colors. Each player has 16 pieces: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights, and 8 pawns. The goal of the game is to checkmate the other king. Checkmate happens when the king is in a position to be captured (in check) and cannot escape from capture. piano notes

Criminal ..... Ra.One !!

Look out Look out, the siron's glaring
e        c     e    c     -g   c  c   d     e

She dropped She dropped, i cant stop staring
e        c           e       c      -g   a   c  d   e   

oooo ooooo
f e d c 

ooo oooooooh
e  d  +g  d  c  b  c

Dil to pagal hai piano notes

Dil To Pagal Hai, Dil Deewana Hai
D# D C D CA#. D# D C D C

Dil To Pagal Hai, Dil Deewana Hai
D# D C D CA#. D# D C D C

Pehli Pehli Baar Milata Hai Yahi
C D# G# G G F D# F F G G

Seene Mein Phir Aag Lagata Hai
C D# G# G G A# G D# D

ooh la la piano notes

Here no available  oola la notes You can Learn to watch this video tutorial
                                                                     Only video tutorial

Jadoo teri nazar piano notes

Jadoo Teri  Nazar, Khushboo  Tera   Badan

A E   D E D  C B    G D      C D C   B A

Tu Haan  Kar Ya Naa  Kar

F  C B      E  B   A

Tu  Hai Meri  Kiran

A A  F   F G   F E

Jadoo Teri Nazar ...

Mere Khwaabon Ki Tasvir  Hai Tu

C D    C A    B  A A B A  G   B

Ek do teen (Tezzab)

Ek do teen, char paanch che saath aath nau, 

C  D  E     D     E      D   E     D    C   

dus gyarah, barah tera 

C   D D#    D D#   D C

Tera karoon, tera karoon din gin gin ke intezaar,

G D# D# D    G D#  D# D  C   D   C   B  A B A G

aaja piya aaye bahaar 
G D# D# D  C D  B C

Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho

Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath   Ho

C G  G G#  F    C G  G A# G#  F

Saari Jannatein Mere  Saath Ho

C F   F G D#    D# C# F D#  C# C

How to use pc suite

Hi,Everyone I am Mahtab Alam from India. I am from commerce field  my hobby is of web designing and I want to donate knowledge to peoples who visit on my website.Today I gonna to show you that how to operate  Internet on commputer connect through Mobile .For this you will be download one software.which is free when you download it you will have instal it the you should o datacable or bluetooth.who help you in connecting into Computer or Laptop after that you understand yourself how to connect for internet. Please Download it

How to play piano online

Hi,Everyone I am Mahtab Alam from India I am student of commerce and my hobby is web designing and playing too many piano video tutorial are avaliable on youtube .I had a small Piano bat now it has been dameged so I am felling lonely Bat what happened we can also play piano online by internet or download software of piano for free.If you want to play piano online then please click here or download software Download(359.kb)

How to attach photos in Mp3 files

Import a song or album from a ripped CD. If it’s just one song you want to add a photo to, simply click on the file so that it turns blue and then right mouse-click and choose the first option, called Get Info.  Now choose the last tab, Get Artwork. Click the Add button and browse your hard drive to a desired JPEG photo, such as the scanned CD cover. Once a photo has been selected, click OK to close the window. Now when you play this song on your iPod you’ll see the album art or other picture associated with it. You should also see the photo when you play the song in iTunes (if you don’t, go to View and click Show Artwork).
If you want to add photos to an entire album or playlist, click on the first song, hold down the Shift key and click on the last and all files will be highlighted in blue (alternatively, you can click CTRL + A to select all). Now right mouse-click and select Get Info. Now you’ll see a small box called Artwork on the right-hand side of this window. Simply cut and paste a JPEG photo anywhere on your hard drive to this spot and click OK. It might ask you if you’re sure you want to add the same artwork for multiple songs. Click yes. This might take a few minutes if there are a lot of tunes.
Note: iTunes also offers a Get Album Artwork option under the Advanced tab but results are mixed.
In MP3tag:
This free tool is also good for adding photos to one MP3 or as a batch job.
Type the name of the directory where your music is in (e.g. My Music) in the bottom left-hand corner. Highlight the song(s) you wish to add artwork to and then right mouse-click on the window with the round record inside of it. Choose Add cover and select a JPEG photo from your computer. Click the Save button on the toolbar at the top to apply the changes.
Now when you play these songs on an MP3 player or personal computer you’ll see the assigned artwork appear with the song.


How to zoom your pc screen

Hi, Everyone I am Mahtab Alam from India I am a student of commerce and web designing is my hobby  and I want to share my knowledge to all of you.So today I gonna to tell you that how to zoom your computer or Laptop screen.So Lets start first of all You will be Download a software which You can zoom your computer or Laptop screen for can also zoom your pc screen without download any software like press on keybord CTRL + Up Down bottom / scroling bottom of Mouse bat it not work anywhere.

How to record Pc screen

How to Recorded Computer Screen. Hi everyone.I am Mahtab Alam from India and I gonna to tell you How to record computer or Laptop screen for free .....So lets Start first of all download Software which given in this site after Downloaded please Instal it and open this application after that select region how much screen you want to record.when you done this. It will be ready for Record your screen. if you want for pause

Create a Backup Of Your Blogger Blog

Well, If you are active in Blogger Community, you might have seen blogger users posts (on forums) like "Why Did Google Ban My Blog?", "Visitors are not able to visit my blog", etc. Google sometimes bans or deletes your Blogger Blog from their Database if you violate their Terms and Conditions. Read Google Blogger's Terms Of Service here. And sometimes they also delete your blog without any reason (By Mistake). To Know Why Google would ban your Blogger Blog, read this article. After reading the article, you will get to know that if you or any other user who edits your blog uses dirty techniques like Black Hat SEO, etc. or copies another work, etc., Google will ban your blog. And even if it's an accident, you'll not be able to get back your Blog Posts, Comments, and Template. So, to be on the safer side, you should backup your blog template, blog posts, and comments weekly. But how? Here is a video tutorial by me, where I explain you how you can easily backup your blogger blog's Blog Posts, Comments, and Template.

Funny Animation html

Funny Elephant In Jeans

you want to add this animation on your website or blog then copy this code and paste in your html box

<p><a href=""><img src="" alt="Funny Elephant In Jeans" /></a></p>

right click disable

Click on add a gadget    and go to HTML/JavaScript    and paste this code which given down

drag gadget near navbar

Numbered Page Nagivation Hack for Blogger --Look Like Professional

In This Tutorial I am Gonna Teach You....
how to Make Numbered Page Navigation Widget to Your Blogger Blog?

First of All i Explain that
What is Numbered Page Navigation ?
In Blogspot,You See " Older Posts " and " Newer Posts " links  the bottom of the Page or Post Which is Helpfull to your  Blog Readers to Navigate to other Pages and Posts of Your Blog. 
Lets See ?
How to Make Professional Look... 

Step #1
Sign in Blogger Account
Click on " Setting " Tab

How To Add Floating Share Buttons Widget To Your Blog's Sidebar

Dear Friends 
In This Tutorial I am Gonna Teach You.....
How To Add Floating Share Buttons Widget To Your Blog's Sidebar For Your Blogger Blog?

It is My Favorite Widget.....

Ok...Lets See How To Add in YourBlogger Blog?
Very Simple...Just Follow Me...

Make Sticky Bar For BlogSpot

First Go To " Dashboard

Click on " Design "

Snowfall on your Blogs

What can be more delightful than welcoming your blog visitors with falling snow. The script that we would use today is provided by dynamic drive and creates an animated effect. The snow smoothly falls down the page and then disappears. We can control the number of snow balls and also the time after which they should disappear. You can easily replace the snow image with any image you prefer. The installation as always is kept extremely easy. Lets add some falling snow to our blogger blogs!

Live Demo

Show Colorful Falling Snow on Blogspot

Why this kolaveri

Why this kolaveri di !

DD#    DC   D D# D C   D D#D#F D#DDC C
Cm                                    Bb                         Fm      Bb
Piano                               maintain this
why this kolaveri                                 a  di
DD# DC  D D#DC D D# D# F D# D D C C
Cm                        Bb                    Fm    Bb
aaahn distance      la   moon-u       moon-u moon-u
    color-u  white-u
C G G G GG# GF FG FD#      FG FD# D#   G G     G G# GF   FG FD#
           Cm                Bb                 Fm                Bb
White background   night-u night-u night-u        color-u  black-u
CG G   GG# GF     FG FD# FG FD# D#   G G   G G# GF   FG FD#
Cm                          Bb                 Fm                Bbwhite   skin-u girl-u     girl-u girl-u    
heart-u black-u
Cm                   Bb Fm               Bb

kaisa ye ishq hai

Koi Bole Dariya Hai, Kaisa Kaisa Hai Issk
Koi Maane Sehra Hai, Kaisa Kaisa Hai Issk
Koi Bole Dariya Hai, Kaisa Kaisa Hai Issk
Koi Maane Sehra Hai, Kaisa Kaisa Hai Issk
a#C C#C#C#C#C#C# a#C C#C#C#C#C#C# CC# FCCFCC C#Ca#
Koi Sone Sa Tole Re, Koi Maati Sa Bole Re, Koi Bole Ke Chandi Ka Hai Chura
a#C C#C#C#C#C#C# a#C C#C#C#C#C#C# CC# FCCFCC C#D#F
Hota Aise Yeh Mauke Pe, Roka Jaaye Na Roke Se, Achcha Hota Hai Hota Hai Yeh Bura
a#a#CC#D#F D#FF#F CCC#Cg#a#
Kaisa Yeh Issk Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai
a#a#CC#D#F D#FF#F CCC#Cg#a#
Kaisa Yeh Issk Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai