How to get daily Friend Request on facebook

hi friend .Are yo really feel lonely on facebook.You have not more friends on facebook .bat don't worry  i have come .I will tell you. how to get daily friend request on facebook for free of cost .it's free and easy and 110% get friend request on facebook .this is not a jokes and etc.....It's true .Now i gonna to tell you the step for getting friend request. first go this link
In this link you get email id of facebook user.if your facebook id i 
add in this email list then you really get minimum 10 friend request daily .So go that link and  scrolling down and you get a comment box.Now you comment with your facebook email id in comment box.i will add your facebook id soon and i will hope you will really get friend request daily so just do it .....And don't forget to like my facebook page ,,,,thank you for visiting here have a good Life.. ,,,,,Khuda Hafizzzz

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